Five women-led Australian podcasts to subscribe to now!


Written By Stefani Janson

Edited by Hannah Carle

If you are anything like me, hitting the podcast play button at the start of your commute provides great satisfaction. Below is a selection of my Aussie favourites run by kick-ass ladies. These are the best podcasts for women covering topics spanning career advice, finance, true crime, comedy (with feminist roots) and wellbeing! All in all, listening to an array of diverse podcasts can help you become a well-informed human being, not to mention providing great topics for conversation!

1. career advice

woman of now


A cheeky plug for our podcast, Woman of Now! In this podcast we sit down with a different woman to chat about navigating the professional landscape in Australia. The podcast is created on the ethos of providing practical takeaways for women, whatever their career path may be. The first Woman of Now features a Melbourne employment lawyer Phoebe Blank, with April featuring taekwondo olympian Carmen Marton! You can find the Woman of Now podcast on iTunes or in the podcast section of the website.

2. Finance

The Pineapple Project


Claire Hooper provides a hilarious, digestible and no-BS approach to dealing with your money. A touchy subject for most, Claire and Co can help you navigate the steps to getting better with your finances to squeeze the most out of your 'pineapple' (the nickname for the Australian $50 note). That being said, I don't think I will be making my own laundry powder anytime soon (sorry Claire - I've let you down!). Find the podcast on iTunes or the ABC Listen app.   

3. True Crime

True Crime Sisters


In this weekly podcast, Harri and Bill provide detailed accounts of true crime stories in Australia and New Zealand. This sister duo pour a huge amount of time into their research for these stories, and often provide unique case facts and little known background details of the perpetrators. Be warned... this podcast is highly addictive! You can find True Crime Sisters on iTunes.

4. Comedy

The Guilty Feminist


Deborah Frances-White is a writer, comedian and a POM. But, she grew up in Queensland, and thus rightly deserves a spot in this list (she frequents Australia with her podcast that she runs in live show format). Deborah's podcast is hilarious - I secretly harbour a desire to be a panelist! The podcast discusses a variety of topics, but the underlying theme is of the hypocrisies and double standards that undermine women. The Guilty Feminist is light, witty, thought provoking and downright hilarious. A recent episode (episode 90 from the Brisbane show) features the hilarious Cal Wilson - don't miss her comedy sketch in this show (tears, literally). You can find TGF on the iTunes or their website.

5. wellbeing

crappy to happy - tiffiny hall & cassandra dunn


Tiffiny–a taekwondo black belt and personal trainer–and clinical psychologist Cass Dunn help people feel more energised, empowered, resilient and emotionally fit. The podcast is positive, practical and highly professional, with take away advice you can really put into action. Listen to Tiff and Cass on iTunes

Happy listening!