professional services

We do speeches, workshops at universities, clubs, societies and corporate organisations. The Director, Stefani Janson, alongside the board members, tailor their speeches to the audience and desired topic. We like to work closely with our organisations to ensure we provide an impactful, engaging and thought provoking experience.


  • Conflict in the workplace

  • Job hunting

  • How to strategically use your time at University

  • Networking best practice

  • Navigating corporate environments

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Stefani recently gave the opening presentation at the inaugural Women in Law: Professional Development & Networking Evening for the Monash Law Students’ Society. Her advice about ‘Personal and Professional Branding’ was insightful and practical, giving young women tangible ways to present themselves honestly and to their full potential. Her relatable stories and interactive presentation were particularly engaging for the students. We would absolutely recommend her!
— Mary Pirozek, Monash Law Students' Society Women's Officer
Stefani and Hannah recently spoke to Adelaide University’s Women in STEM Society, as well as Adelaide University’s postgraduate college, Kathleen Lumley. Their presentation was engaging, educational, and well tailored to the audience. Stefani and Hannah were extremely generous, taking the time to engage with students individually after their talk and answer questions. Students benefited from hearing about “conflict resolution in the workplace” and “personal branding”, and particularly enjoyed the interactive activities. We would highly recommend Stefani and Hannah!
— Kim Becker, President women in stem society adelaide university
Stefani was engaged to speak at our College Careers Fair on being an entrepreneur. She covered a broad range of topics in her presentation ranging from how to gain valuable experience by having a go at volunteering, or working on a project outside of your comfort zone, to backing yourself when others doubt you or your efforts. Stefani speaks engagingly from her own personal experience on study, work and travel, which is wide and varied. She connects well with her audience and gives generously with her time to questions from individuals both during and after her presentation. I can highly recommend her as a speaker for young people starting out in their careers.
— Rachel Whitworth, Career Development Counsellor, Sirius College melbourne
We were so grateful that Stefani came and presented at the Grand Final of one of the Monash Debaters competitions. The advice and wisdom that she presented was very welcome and helped the students to understand the realities of the workforce, as well as the importance of ‘finding your tribe’. Her engaging presentation, relatable anecdotes, and willingness to answer the many questions we posed, demonstrated her depth of knowledge and understanding about the experiences encountered in the workplace and how to deal with them. The advice regarding the importance of searching for a workplace that reflects your goals really resonated with students. We offer our thanks and highly recommend her as a speaker!
— Tamika Chikulin, Monash university Association of Debaters, Secretary